Mirihi (R) - [ Ari Atholhu Dhekunuburi (Alifu Dhaalu Atoll) ]

Mirihi is an island in the southwestern part of the lagoon of Ari Atoll, Maldive Islands. The island is operated as Mirihi Island Resort. Mirihi is currently used as a "tourist island", hosting a holiday resort containing 36 guest bungalows consisting mainly of overwater accommodations. Mirihi's house reef is worthy of note as it is in excellent condition and accessible directly from the resort's beach.

General Information

DMS Latitude 3° 37' 9'' N
DMS Longitude 72° 46' 49'' E
Area (ha) 3.50
Length (m) 0.30
Width (m) 0.05
Island status Under Ministry of Tourism
Leased info To: Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture
Nearest to airport name
Proximity to airport (km) 85
Nearest sea plane landing area
Proximity to sea plane landing area (km) 56
Nearest inhabited island
Proximity to inhabited island (km) 45
Nearest uninhabited island Aarah (U)
Proximity to uninhabited island (km) 34
Nearest lagoon Aarah (U)
Proximity to lagoon (km) 25
Nearest resort
Proximity to resort (km) 21
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Purpose Resorts
Weather condition Local Weather. +28. +30°. +27°.
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Soil Details

Height at sea leavel
Height between soil water lens
Quality of water lens
Soil pH
Top soil depth
Soil Quality
Soil content - Sand (%)
Soil content - Clay (%)
Soil content - Silt (%)

Land - Natural Vegetation

Coconut Groves Details

Variety Name Area (sq.ft) Qualitative Age

Other Vegetation

Species Area (sq.ft) Qualitative

Non-Vegetative Area

Name Area (sq.ft) Species

Wet Lands


Name Area (sq.ft) Fauna Flora Qualitative


Name Area (sq.ft) Fauna Flora Qualitative

Costal/Beach Area


Monsoon Side High tide (m) Mid tide (m) Low tide (m) Lagoon side


Side Area (sq.ft)

Accreting Beach

Season - South East
Eroding side Accreting side Area (sq.ft)
Season - North West
Eroding side Accreting side Area (sq.ft)


Vegetation At Beach Area

Name Percentage (%)

Vegetation In Land

Name Percentage (%)


Aquatic Details

Natural lagoon or not Size (ha) Natural entry to the island Lagoon depth (m)

Field Area

No of field area Crop cultivated Area (sq.ft)

Animal Husbandry

Animal name No of livestock Area (sq.ft)


Product name Process method Area (sq.ft) Scale of production

Protected & Sensitive

Fully Protected

Location Name of the site Size (sq ft) Purpose of protection Fauna Flora

Partially Protected

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Historical Place

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Location Name of the site Size (sq ft) Reason for protection Fauna Flora

Historical Data

Historical Data

Visual clue of historical data Evidence Prior usage of the island

Old Historical Tree

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Name Quantity/ Capacity

Invasive Species


Name Percentage


Name Percentage Reports

Local birds in the island

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Migratory Birds

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Other Feature

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